Social Aid

Ceiriog Valley
Art Society
meets on the 2 nd and 4 th Saturdays, to confirm venue and further information contact
Helen Crossley
01691 718875.

Anyone interested in meeting like-minded people from the Valley with an interest in ‘visual arts’ is most welcome.

The Ceiriog Lodge of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (ROAB) GLE

meets in the Royal British Legion, Chirk on Monday evenings at 8 pm. , all members most welcome. For further information contact
01691 772059.

Chirk & Ceiriog Valley Partnership
meets on the 2 nd Tuesday of every other month at various venues. Please contact the secretary on
01691 718170
for details.

Is the bottom falling out of your world, or out of your seat? Why not let Kate Barber restore your ailing chairs with a new cane seat. All proceeds to Church Funds, contact Kate at Hen Bopty on 01691 718905.


Heart felt Thanks

Due to the swift actions of members of the Chirk Triathlon organization, the St John Ambulance Brigade, the Air Ambulance team and the staff of Staffordshire University Hospital who 'saved my life', following my collapse in the Chirk Triathlon during this years event in May, to them all I wish to give my sincere and heartfelt thanks.

Equally heartfelt and sincere thanks go to the many well wishers, [who have helped speed my recovery and eventual discharge from Staffordshire Hospital in July]. Not least, my family, whose care and concern have been constant.

I feel lucky to have had all your support and ,,. indeed, to be alive! And look forward to playing an active part in community life in the near future.

George Jones

Canu a Chacennau

Mae dysgwyr Cymraeg Dyffryn Ceiriog yn gwahodd pawb i brynhawn 'Canu a Chacennau' yn y Neuadd Goffa, Glyn Ceiriog am 3 o'r gloch, Ddydd Sadwrn y 10fed o Fedi 2016: cyfle i ganu caneuon Cymraeg efo'n gilydd, cael te prynhawn traddodiadol, sgwrsio efo dysgwyr, a chefnogi'r Neuadd. Cost: rhoddion at y Neuadd Goffa. Dewch yn llu!
The Welsh learners of Dyffryn Ceiriog invite everyone to a 'Canu a Chacennau' afternoon in the Neuadd Goffa, Glyn Ceiriog at 3 o'clock on Saturday, 10 September 2016: an opportunity to sing Welsh songs together, have a traditional afternoon tea, chat with learners, and support the Neuadd. Cost: donations towards the Neuadd.


Glyntraian Community Council would like to thank Cath McNeill and the W.I. for organizing the indoor street party at the Oliver Jones Memorial Hall on June 11. They did a marvelous job, serving lovely food and the entertainment was great too.

Cadw Gwenyn yn Glyn Ceiriog

Mae mwy a mwy o bobl yn cadw gwenyn yn y dyffryn erbyn hyn… ond mae’r Gymdeithas Cadw Gwenyn agosaf unai yn Groesoswallt neu Llysfasi. Mae Anne Lloyd Morris wedi cael rhodd garedig iawn o lyfrau ac offer cadw gwennyn y ddiweddar Dewi 'Buzz' Rowlands gan ei wraig a’i ferch, ac rydym yn sidro dechre grwp anffurfiol yn Dyffryn Ceiriog, yn ei atgofiant i rannu gwybodaeth a phrofiad. Felly, os ydych yn cadw gwennyn, neu yn meddwl dechre… be am ymuno gyda ni?

Cysylltwch ag naill ai Anne ar 01691 718575 neu Trevor Bates 01691 718294

Arthritis Care Wales

Arthritis Care Wales are holding new 'drop-in' sessions in Glyn Ceiriog at the Community Centre on the 2nd Friday of the month, 10am–11am .

Sessions are also held on the 4th Thursday at the Health Centre in Llangollen, 9.30am–11.30am .

A session will be held on Monday, 1 August at the Castle Health Centre in Chirk, 9.30am–11.30am [next session TBA].

Two arthritis care volunteers will be on hand to give advice on living well with arthritis and to lend a friendly ear.

Thank You from The Ceiriog Tidy Team

The volunteer members of the Ceiriog Tidy Team wish to thank all those you gave so generously at the group's stall at the Summer Fair, Canolfan Ceiriog on Saturday, 2 July helping to raise £102.

To date, funds have resourced for the village:

the siting and planting of four flower tubs

a monthly litter collection

the start of project to clean all four bus shelters

A special thank you goes to Peter, Roger and Trevor Bates for their invaluable assistance with the flower tubs

Come and Join Us! For further information ring 01691 712820

Christian Aid

Christian Aid week commenced with a bilingual united service at Seion Chapel, Glyn Ceiriog on Sunday, 15 May with the service being led by Carys Jones, Pandy. Individual readings and prayers were given by representatives from local chapels and churches, with a musical item by the Dyffryn Ceiriog Male Voice Choir. The guest speaker was Anna Jane Evans, regional coordinator North Wales. The organist was Mrs Jean Davies. The service was organized by Carys Jones. The collection at the service amounted to an excellent £267.55.

During the week all takings at the Christian Centre raised £222.55, donations from the house-to-house collection throughout the valley amounted to £1725.83. The total amount raised within the Ceiriog Valley for Christian Aid was £2215.93.

Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to the success of Christian Aid Week 2016.


Cylch Meithrin would like to thank Brad Jones of the Llangollen and District Motorcycle Club for their kind donation towards new equipment for the children.

Dyffryn Ceiriog Group of Friends of Cancer Research UK

A very successful Afternoon Tea was held on 25th June raising £1,140 for Cancer Research UK .

During the Tea a representative from Cancer Research UK presented the committee with a certificate recognizing their 37 years of fund raising.

Grateful thanks go to Phil and Mandy, Pontfadog Post Office for donating the ham; Keith Booth, Pontfadog, for his donation of milk and eggs, and Glyn Badminton Club for their very generous monetary donation. And not least, thanks to everyone who supported the event by buying tickets, donating cakes and assisting in many other ways.

Diolch yn fawr iawn i bawb!

Christian Centre

£209 was raised at the coffee morning which was held recently at the Christian Centre. Thank you to everyone who came, helped or contributed in any way.

Shortly after this there was another enjoyable occasion. We were asked by the New GVT & IH Trust who have been responsible for restoring the GVT Engine Shed if we would lay on a light lunch for Terry Waite and fourteen of their members. We felt honoured and delighted to do this. Our guests enjoyed their refreshments and a happy time was had by all.

Leonard Cheshire Disability

We celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday on Sunday, 12 June with an afternoon street party in the dining room, which we all enjoyed, whilst one of our residents was extremely lucky to be invited to celebrate this in London . This of course was with the Queen and members of the Royal Family on the Mall—how lucky was she!

The entertainments in the month of June were George Croiala pianist, Llangollen Rotary Club performing a extremely hilarious play which everyone was in their doubles with laughter! We had John Edwards a singer, and also Pete Spesh who is a very talented performer and a friend of one of our volunteers, Chris Futcher. We thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment from both these singers.

Many of our residents have visited the Llangollen Eisteddfod and enjoyed the performances they have seen both in the Pavilion and on the field. We had a visit from an American choir who hailed from California , what a fantastic group these were, the singing out of this world! Three cheers for Tony and Pam Howarth, 'Friends of the Eisteddfod', who arranged this visit, and a big cheer to the choir. Hip hip hooray!

We were delighted that Wales reached the semi final of the football Euro 2016. What a match it was, we were on tenterhooks, but to no avail. But well done to all the team!

Two poems by Oliver Vaughan Jones, a resident at Dolywern.

One nil down we were under attack, an indefensible strike put us on the rack.
Solid possession and a passing game saw Ramsey get a corner, and a ball with just one name.
Captain steps up—he heads it home, now the game has changed its tone.
Can you… could you… do a Cruyff turn like Kanu? send three defenders east and slot it past the Belgian beast. Oh yes! Goal number 2!
Cymru can start dreaming… we might go through.
But what's this? Ramsey plays a dream assist, Vokes on his wagon, heads the ball in.
We're off to the semi-finals boyos, let the celebrations begin!

So we dared to dream,
We were given Belgian waffles but we served bara-brith with cream!
Wishing Speed was here for this Welsh revival.
The confrontation cemented for the semi-final
Lyon now beckons, let's take our mighty choir
They call it the stadium of light, we call it a cauldron of fire!
It's Portugal versus Pays de Galles let battle commence
Nothing to lose now my friends, just our heads, our voices and our common sense.
This is something none of us have ever seen, but with Coleman
One nation, one dragon, one team.
Can we go on longer?
Of course we can!...........Together stronger

A little nation swelled in celebration from Anglesey to Cardiff, Wrexham to the sea every cwm and valley smiles gleefully The legacy of speed from him we took the lead 58 years waiting, the gods we all plead It's here, a golden generation soaked in passion and determination did we really crush her? Mother Russia yes my friends we had a plan. ...... Calon LAN!! We didn't want to embarrass now it's set for a tango in Paris Can we go on longer? of course we can Together Stronger

From the Vicar

Many people will be familiar with Christ's parable of the 'Good Samaritan'. Indeed the expression 'Samaritan' far from being restricted in its meaning to someone who came from the biblical land of Samaria , has now evolved to mean anyone who goes to the help of someone in distress or despair.

The story that Jesus told, which is recorded in Chapter 10 of St Luke's gospel, was told in order to answer a question put to him as to what exactly the word 'neighbour' means and how far it may be extended.

The story is set on the steep and rocky road from Jerusalem to Jericho . I have travelled it myself on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land . A traveller sets out to walk it alone - very foolishly we might think. He is attacked by robbers on the way.

Lying half-dead by the roadside he is encountered by two people - a Priest and a Levite - and both of these do very little, passing by on the other side of the road. These were what we would term 'religious' people.

Then along comes a Samaritan - and Samaritans and Jews had no dealings one with another in those days. Despite this, the Samaritan pitied the man and, bandaging his wounds, put him on his own animal and took him to the local inn, promising the innkeeper to pay any further money owed when he next came that way.

Jesus asks his questioner who was the best neighbour to the injured traveller to which he receives the reply 'The one who showed the traveller mercy'. The questioner is then bidden to do likewise.

Jesus in telling this lovely story emphasises the quality of mercy and makes the further point that neighbourliness can never be limited to any group of persons and that Christians are bidden to regard everyone they meet as their neighbour.

A stern challenge when you think about it, but one which leads to God's rewards. We see also this challenge being met through the work of very many charities around us in today's world. Let us pray for them and for ourselves that we too may in our lives reflect the example of the 'Good Samaritan' whenever we can.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome any who may be in this valley on holiday during August and express the hope that you will find here welcome, rest and refreshment for the journey of life.

Every blessing.

Edward Yendall.





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